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Sunday, July 24, 2011


I did a Trichrome Stain today and I have to agree with my friend Janet from Vancouver, it is one of the most beautiful stains that we do. Janet has been a Histotechnologist almost as long as I have. She is also a crafter, doing cross stitch, sewing, and cooking. I haven't inspired her to start making jewelry, yet. However, she does like my jewelry. So, this Trichrome Necklace is dedicated to her in honor of our many years of friendship and her years of dedicated service to the National Society of Histotechnology. Janet has served on the NSH Board of Directors as a Region Director, Vice President, and Speaker of the House as well as serving on many committees.
Above are some of my histology friends, Dot, Janet and Shirley.  They have all served NSH well through the years.
The Trichrome Stain combines a plasm stain and a connective tissue stain. The muscle fibers are stain red, collagen, reticulum, mucin are stain blue. Trichrome stains show changes that occur in neuromuscular diseases and are helpful in demonstrating tumors that have arisen from muscle cells. So, looking at the Trichrome necklace notice how I have used red twisted bugle beads to depict muscle fibers and royal blue core seed beads to depict mucin and collagen in a spiral pattern.

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  1. Seriously, this post is the best. I love what you do. Histotech special stains as inspiration for colors and design?!?! Art and science blended perfectly? How can i NOT be a fan? LOL. Keep up the good work. Fabulous stuff. And i want them all.