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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation time

Hi All, I am on vacation with my husband's family at Pawley's Island, SC. We have been coming here for 25 years. It is a wonderful time of fellowship. I have managed to do some beading. I made two PAS bracelets on the way up here. It sure did make the time in the car pass very quickly. I was surprised I could bead and not get car sick. I had the project all planned and in a flat closed box which was easy to carry. It kept my beads contained very well. I purchased the project box at Office Depot. Yesterday, I started a Gram Stain bracelet and almost finished it. I will complete it today. I also, made a necklace for a child using the Bile Stain colors which are primarily green, pink and light brown. I made a spiral center and am finishing it off with just a seed bead chain. I am going to make several loop on the end so it can be extended as the child grows. I'll post a picture later. Stay well and chill out like me your on vacation, too.

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