Welcome to my blog. I am a Histotechnologist and a Jewelry designer/maker. This blog is my way to tell you about my life and my art. I love art and science. Finally, my jewelry is bringing them together. I am inspired daily by the art and science I see under the microscope. Come with me on this fascinating journey as we explore the blending of art and science. Thank you for coming. Please come back. contact me: mdpraetATgmail.com

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oct 28, 2011

Hi All, I have a friend who wants to have a home show for me, however she is having a difficult time getting her friends interested in coming. So, she is going to model my jewelry this week at several events and take my photo albums to show samples of my work hoping that will generate excitement.

My question to you all is, what do you think of the idea of me putting together a kit to sell them and have a make it and take event? Something like a simple but dramatic earring. Please send me some feedback.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

80's Rock Star

Here my sister, Linda and I are at my son and daughter-in-laws '80s Halloween party tonight. We are both wearing our jewelry. The necklace I have on is one of my favorites. It is Swarovski black and crystal wire wrapped dangles in a graduated pattern.

I am getting ready to do a craft show in Aventura next weekend and then a home show for a close friend. Time to get everyone in the mood for Christmas shopping. My motto is " Jewelry is always appropriate".

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct 6th, 2011

My husband came to town last evening on his way to fly out of Ft. Lauderdale airport today. He went to NJ to attend his 45th high school reunion. He brought me some beading supplies from our new home and my Step by Step Wire Magazine which had gone to the new house. While he is visiting with old friends I'll be working on some beading projects that were ordered while I was at the NSH S/C. Amy, who purchased the Alcian Blue bracelet wants earrings to go with it. She wants a long drop and of course I can't find the tear drop shape bead in the color to match the Alcian Blue. I am going to try making it with a square Swarovski crystal and a bicone under it. I'll also be checking out the Step by Step Wire magazine. I do so love  working with wire. If I had started making jewelry when I was very young before I spent so many years working in a histology lab and getting repetitive motion damage to my hands, I think I would have majored metalsmithing. Oh well, I love bead weaving, too. I hope you all are working on something fun this weekend.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sudan Black B

This necklace depicts the Sudan Black B stain, a stain to demonstrate fat. Fat found in an abnormal place such as the kidneys or brain affect treatment and prognosis. Injuries causing fractures or crushing of tissues may cause fat to be released in the blood stream and cause a fat embolism. The Sudan Black B stain would verify a fat embolism as being the cause of loss of function. Fat Stains are also helpful in determining if a tumor is arising from fat cells or other types of cells. 

This necklace is a spiral made with size 8 iris beads as the core and size11 iris seed beads beside the accent of Iris 4 x 4 cube beads. It has a self made peyote toggle with 3 loop closure which enables it to be extended. This spiral necklace is so much fun to make.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Special Stain Collection with new additions


Here are my newest additions along with the first ones. If you click on a photo it should open up and enlarge.
This is a very happy customer displaying her Verhoeff's Elastic Necklace. Jan puchased this right after the House Of Delegates at the NSH Symposium/Convention.

I really enjoyed making this spiral. It is made with dark metallic iris 4 x 4 cubes and dark black iris metallic Seed beads. It has a self made toggle closure with three loops at the end for extending the length.

The Verhoeff's Elastic tissue stain is done to demonstrate atrophy of elastic tissue ( for example emphysema). It can also demonstrate thinning and loss due to arteriosclerosis. Also, of value is the ability to show if cancer has invaded blood vessels, which may change treatment plans.