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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Red Letter Day

Well, today is a great day. I have had a follower join my blog today who I don't know! That is awesome. She is a girl after my own heart. She is a PA in pathology and she bakes cakes. Check out her blog. Tetmet nosce: Know thyself

David and I have a buyer for our house finally after 6 years of being on the market. We plan on having a big celebration the day of closing. It has really been a rollercoaster ride, one I hope to never repeat. So, now we have the fun chore of packing. Of course, we have been doing some of that all along. I have so many boxes that have been packed for ao long, I am thinking maybe instead of unpacking them I'll just donate them. I mean I haven't usde the stuff in years maybe I don't really need it. After all, if I have my jewelry making supplies what more do I need. We were even cleaning out the space above the garage today, Yuck!

It has been a real trip trying to pack and design and make jewerly all before the NSH S/C. I really want to have a lot more new designs to take to the meeting.  so, I guess the real question is , "who needs sleep?"  I just need the Engerizer Bunny to come visit.

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  1. Oh, gosh! I am so honored to be mentioned on your blog! LOL. I shared your jewelry with my histotech friends on Facebook, and now they all want to order some. ;) Hurray for blending the worlds of art and science into something so beautiful. Your works of art last longer than mine, i'm afraid, but oh well. Congrats on the sale of the house! That is magnificent. :) Best wishes... HN