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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thoughts of the Day

I am sorry it has been so long between posts. However, my husband is a real NY Yankees fan and he ties up the computer in the evenings. Luckily, he is playing golf this evening.

It was a busy weekend with Linda here. She really kept me motivated and we got a lot of beading done. I am trying to get quite a few more pieces designed for my Special Stain Collection to have ready for the NSH Symposium/Convention. Fellow histotechs are the people who motivated me to make this collection.I wanted to honor some of my heroes in the profession. Much of the advancements made in medical research would not have been possible without a histologist. I have really enjoyed taking my profession and combining it with my jewelry designing. It helps me to think outside the box.
Linda and I did take a evening to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was great as usual!

I had a real shocker today when I went to place an order for Sterling Silver findings. Sterling Silver is $40.00 an ounce. So, I have had to rethink my clasps. I will be designing more self made toggles. Linda and I will have to start looking for those unusual buttons at the Thrift stores again. In the past we have bought dresses and blouses for a $1.00 a piece and cut the buttons off and used them.

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