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Sunday, June 5, 2011

How It All Began

I grew up in a home with a very creative Mom. Mother sewed, cooked, canned, made costumes, and home decorations. Mom and Dad both had that ability to create and fix things. Dad's was in the garden and with carpentry.  Mom taught me to sew, as well as gave me the passion to create. ( I really wanted to be an artist, however I can't really draw.) My grandmother and Mother were instrumental in teaching me to cross stitch and embroider.  In the '70's, I made my clothes and perfected that skill. In the '80's, I made home decorations, Halloween costumes, and painted tee-shirts. In the '90's, I turned to scrapbooking, continuing to cross stitch all the while. During these years, I learned that I could go for awhile without creating but then I had to make something or I became very grouchy.

I am proud to say both of my sons grew up knowing how to figure out and make/or fix things.

In 1999, I discovered my passion, jewelry making and designing. What a great marriage, my art/crafting with my love of jewelry!! I love the techniques of stitching different patterns as well as stringing and wire work. So, I have spent the last decade studying and learning jewelry making and design and produced several collections.

I don't what you to misunderstand, this is not my day job. I trained and have been a histotechnologist/lab manager for 40 years. Histotechnologist study tissue and make the microscopic slides that pathologist use to diagnose disease. So, this year I have been busy producing a new jewelry collection, taking inspiration from the microscopic beauty I see everyday depicted in Histologic Special Stains. Let me introduce the Special Stain Collections. My choice of materials, components, colors and stitches reflect Histology/Pathology/Cytology Stains and tissue structures.  My desire to honor my professional colleagues motivated me to see this Special Stain Collection come to fruition.

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